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Andy Ellis Valdini is a creative and dependable composer seeking work writing music for film, commercial, or other media. If you need professionally produced music recorded, mixed, and delivered in a hurry, you may rely on this experienced and efficient composer and performer.

Andy always has music running through his head: Intricate textures of harmony and tone color, in unexpected grooves. Viola in relaxed conversation with wolves by the bank of the river. Drums that sound like live animals, and strings that drum like thunder.

Andy is a multi-instrumentalist who wrote his first piece at age 7, and has been composing and performing music ever since. He studied at Reed College, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and then U.C. Riverside for his MA in Music Composition. He has composed music for a wide variety of ensembles, including symphony orchestra, string quartet, wind and string ensembles, solo voice, and full choir. He enjoys slicing up found sounds, turning them into freaky electronic beats, and combining them with acoustic instrumental arrangements.

Please consider Valdini Music for your film, game, and commercial scoring needs.

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Music Samples

Equinox (more info)
Exciting and cathartic piece for found sounds, strings, celesta, and solo viola. Showcases sound editing skills, viola performance chops, and mood-capturing prowess.
Download Full Song MP3 (2.86 MB)

Fly, Supa Spy! (more info)
Riding the edge between suspense and euphoria. A piece for electronic violin, strings, electronic drums, and over-the-top sampled choir.
Download MP3 (716 KB)

Martian Folk Dance (more info)
A piece for strings and talking drum in 7/8, which has to be one of my favorite odd meters. The percussive sound in the beginning is col legno using a pencil. This technque yielded a bouncy, harmonic-filled sonority with a nice degree of chance to it.
Download MP3 (743 KB)

Grace of Mist (more info)
Simultaneously mournful and grateful, this is a piece for Mandolins and Piano. We hear each layer introduced in turn.
Download MP3 (846 KB)